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Football Handicapping List

This will not be a long ad to buy our picks, but it will be a reminder to have all your ducks lined up so you, not us, are ready for the season. On our site we have several articles that cover most of the checklist below. Go through the checklist to help you understand what being ready for the season means.

Checklist for football betting:

This is just a short list of what you will need to do to help you win money this football season. If you do not understand look through our site and research our articles to help you. That is why we wrote them.

1. Research every team and map out possible games to win money on for the entire year.

2. Cross off games to stay away from this season.

3. Make charts for halftime betting situations.

4. Understand your bankroll and money management.

5. Set aside money for the entire year and do not go over your predetermined amount to spend.

6. Understand that this season is a long season and you need to win over the long haul.

7. Know your betting options and understand the odds.

8. Do not chase your money.

9. Understand when you should hedge your bets.

10. Research each team and each game every week.

11. Is there a motivational advantage for one team?

12. Look at trends as part of the equation.

13. Stay up on the injury list.

Checklist for football handicapping season: 먹튀검증

1. How much does it really cost?

2. Do you get all the top picks with your subscription or is it a tease to get more money from you?

3. What is their guarantee?

4. Does the cost of the service justify your bankroll?

5. Are you doubling your bet just to cover the cost of the service?

6. Money back if they lose is great, but hey you just lost YOUR money at the sportsbook, did you lose too much because you had to bet double or triple your amount to pay for the pick?

7. Are they monitored by an outside source?

8. Do they pay money to be monitored?

9. Are the monitors respected and trusted?

10. Are they in the Las Vegas Hilton NFL Super Contest?

11. If they are not, why the hell are you giving them money when they are not putting up a large amount of money ($1,500) to compete against other Handicapping services?

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. Please do your research before you start betting this season. Research all the information yourself or research the services you are thinking about using. There is information on betting throughout the web, use it to your advantage. After all it is your money.

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