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How to Date Women – Two Stages to Becoming a Catch for Every Woman

I have to tell you this one frightening news; four out of five of guys will never meet the woman they always wanted. This is a scary news to most guys and one which tell a lot of things about them, the most interesting one is that guys don’t know how to dating women. I’m going to reveal to you the most important stages to becoming a catch to ever women.

There are many stages on how to dating women, unfortunately most guys will focus on the least effective and important stage, the one which will bring them the most instant satisfaction.

In reality, you should stay away from the less effective stages and focus only on these two stages which are going to bring you the most results. กลุมลับ

Here are the most important stages:

  • The first stage to how to dating women is to know how to talk to them

Talking doesn’t bring that much satisfaction to men, it involves only talking and boring stuff that very few men will care about knowing.

However, for women, this stage is highly important, if she detects that you aren’t interesting in the way you talk to her, she will not consider you worthy of her and worthy of advancing with.

The big problem about this stage is that most guys don’t know how to talk to women.

They think that they have to impress her and to present to her material possessions they’ve got.

Women don’t want you to impress them when talking.

You should instead focus on this important advice, making the talking fun and amusing to women.

If a woman had fun with you, she will want another date with you and would very likely consider you very attractive.

You must also know what to talk about when with women.

You can try to talk about politics or even women’s right, after all, it concerns her, but she would never feel interested in you.

The topics women love to talk about are: romance, dating issues, love, nutrition, beauty tips…. And the most interesting one is gossiping and playing the psychiatrist.


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